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A high and uniform pressure makes the heat press the ideal device for the application of transfers. The presses most often used have a socalled scissor-type mechanism.

Heat Press







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Example for wrong temperature distribution. Only in the center of the ironing surface the transfer will be applicated perfectly.


PLEASE NOTE: The selected temperatures does not always correspond to actual values, particularly heat presses which have a large heating surface, the temperatures decreases around the edges. Regular checks with a temperature gauge - made at various points of the heating surface - are recommended.

The heat press surface must be completely flat, otherwise there can be no uniform pressure and even temperature.

Heat presses with scissor-type mechanisms usually close plane-parallel only in a certain area. A thick heat press pad provides a uniform distribution of pressure.

Important information

You achive optimal results by applying onto a fabric piece rather than onto a finished item.
Application on factory-made clothing usually requires several preliminary attempts.
The ironing pressure must always be focused directly on the transfer.
Take projecting buttons, zippers and other thick sections into consideration!
High, large transfers elements (4mm onwards), such as pearls or creation, should always be applied from the reverse (front side).
Thin fabrics (organza) do not absorb the adhesive well.
Smooth leather, smooth leather imitations, dense polyamide and fabrics with silicone or wax finishing are unsuitable for applications.
Important: Always allow the carrier foil to cool off completely before removing it!
How to avoid potential foil impressions on the textile: Prior to application, cut away as much carrier foil from around the transfer motif as possible. Use a linen ironing cloth. For a short time, lightly apply the heat and pressure to the transfer motif onto the material, pull off the adhesive foil and then apply using the full temperature and pressure.

If impressions have already been caused by the foil, brushing, streaming or applying the heat press once more, regenerates the fabric structure.

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